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About Manipur
  Manipur is a little paradise on earth, according to some, to some other it is the Switzerlandof the east, and still there are others who describe Manipur as the Jewel of India. The area of Manipur is 22327 sq. km It is one of the border States in the North-Eastern part of India, bounded by Nagaland in the north, Assam on the west and Mizoram on the south and along the east it shares a 352 Km with Myanmar. Today’s Manipur consists of nine districts.
  The climate of Manipur is largely influenced by the topography of this hilly region which defines the geography of Manipur. This north-eastern corner of India enjoys a generally amiable climate, though the winters can be a little chilly. The maximum temperature in the summer months is 32 degree C. In winter the temperature often falls below zero, bringing frost. The coldest month is January, and the warmest July. The ideal time for tourism in the state, in terms of climate, is from October to February, when the weather remains bright and sunny without the sun being too hot. The state is drenched in rains from May until mid-October. It receives an average annual rainfall of 1467.5 mm.
  Meiteilon is the main language of communication among all different tribes and people inhabiting Manipur. English is also slowly gaining ground as a common language of communication. Meiteilon has been recognized as the Manipuri language by the Indian Union and has been included in the list of scheduled languages (included in the 8th schedule by the 71st amendment of the constitution in 1992).
   Tulihal Airport, the airport of Imphal, connects the state capital with Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahat and other cities. National Highway NH-39 links Manipur with the rest of the country through the railway stations at Dimapur in Nagaland at a distance of 215 km. from Imphal. Highway NH-53 connects Manipur with another railway station at Silchar in Assam, which is 269 km. away from Imphal.
 Energy Sector:
1.Loktak Down-Stream Hydro Electric Project (3x30 MW).

2.Tipaimukh Hydro-Electric (Multi-purpose) Project(6x250 MW).

3.Irang Hydro Electric Project (60 MW).

4.Micro Hydel Project at Leimakhong (Stage-III), Genel (Stage-I) and Tuipaki, Haipi,    Maklang, Iring, Ijai and Tupul.

Electricity Department Manipur

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